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About Me... For now... ;)

Some Random Facts About Me

   I AM (or have been TOLD I am/described as):
... Absolutely addicted to exceeding my own expectations. 

...and work, in general (according to my friends). But I am still the life of the party!! ~~~ "Work Hard, PLAY HARDER!!"

... "impossibly" driven.

... fiercely loyal. (If you have ever crossed anyone I care about, you can attest to that). Once you have my loyalty, you usually have it for life.

... allergic to (OK, so that MIGHT be an exaggeration...) but I ABSOLUTELY hate drama, negativity and petty BS.

... that Karma is a WAY bigger b*tch than I could ever be so USUALLY I'd prefer to sit back let Karma do it's job...

... people too weak to follow their own dreams will always try to destroy yours. "Pay no mind to people who talk behind your back. It just means you are always steps ahead"

... In trying to treat others BETTER than they treat me, and at least as well as I expect to be treated.

... in leading by example:  you have to be a friend to have one, you should never expect anyone to treat you with any more love or respect than you treat yourself, and when your work, actions, success, power or looks (to name a few =} )speak for themselves, :LET THEM.  
... The more anyone says "I don't care", the less I believe them.

...  The people who you care about and trust can become the best or worst parts in your life.  Choose wisely.  

...  The opinion that other people have about how I live my life is their business, and usually says more about their own issues than anything else.  Listen to the people who have your best interests at heart but never define yourself based on anyone else's view of RIGHT or WRONG. 

...  We all have our own "truths" to find.  Experience may help to clarify them but, ultimately, those answers are always inside of us.  What is "right" for one person is usually unique.  The discovery of, and our ability to embrace those "truths" are the keys to our happiness.  

Don't take advice from anyone who doesn't already have what you want.” ~Unknown

... every time life tests me with hard times, I learn a little bit more about how strong I am.

...At the end of the day, I'm still always the girls with the smile on my face. I ♥ my life :)